Dr.FORREST- Second Opinion Vet and General Manager!

my inexhaustible source of inspiration!!!!!


Maybe you are "gone", but in my heart and in the hearts of all who were lucky and blessed to have met you, you will always be present! My beautiful, smart, naughty and cheeky little girl, my best friend and fellow traveller during the most beautiful and adventurous years of my life! You didn't leave your genes behind, but He, who watches over know what I'm talking about.......our guardian angel, he sent you back into my arms!

In a different body maybe.......but with the same incomparable spirit!


Maria is our new colleague and excellent Veterinary Surgeon who joined our team, making us all very happy!
Graduate of the University of Thessalia in November 2015, she completed a 6-month internship at the Veterinary diagnostic laboratory of the University of Thessaloniki, where she participated in a research program and presented her work at the 8th Veterinary Forum of Greece in March 2017.
Her interest in Small Animal Pathology and Surgery guided her to look for a position in small animal clinics in Greece and so we had the fortune and joy to meet her in January 2017. Therefore, our new Year started with a big smile and a lot of plans and inspiration for more work and development.
Maria proved to all of us since the early days of her presence in our clinic that she loves her job and adores animals. She stole our hearts and of course she gained the trust of Dr.Forrest Junior who ordered Maria’s immediate employment.
Maria took over the very difficult task of looking after our little patients. Her hard work, strong will and scientific knowledge will very soon prove that Maria is a very talented and competent veterinary surgeon and WE… will be there to admire her achievements!
With our team as a supporter, our little “Billy” as an admirer and our Dr. Forrest as a guardian angel, Maria’s career started with the best perspectives.


George is my irreplaceable assistant who I was fortunate and honored to meet back in October 2015.

Since the very early days in the clinic, George showed interest, consistency, and passion for his new job. He arrived and took over all the "heavy" duties of the job! Literally and metaphorically!

George is a very kind, caring, reliable, decent and responsible assistant and I consider his presence in my clinic a great honor!

George is the "silent force" in the clinic and he very soon became truly irreplaceable. He has all the advantages and the strong will to become a main companion in our clinic.


Nikoleta is the newest addition to our team, but she joined us so fast, efficiently and flawlessly, that it feels like she has always been here.

A graduate of the school of "Graphic designs and Electronics", a very artistic, talented and dynamic young lady, who now organizes our clinic, efficiently assists me but also shares the same passion I have for, she adds the final "magic" touch on the thousands of photos of our website.

Nikoleta showed a tremendous will and passion for her new job and she has a great love for caring and looking after our small patients. Her speed, consistency, tidiness, kindness and positive energy impressed us all from the very first moment. She came to my clinic as a volunteer initially but she very soon proved to all of us that she has "goals" and she knows how to achieve them!

Nikoleta has become a priceless assistant and we hope and wish she stays with us for ever!

Both my assistants are like true "diamonds" to me and I consider myself lucky and blessed to have met them. I thank them for the priceless help they offer me, the understanding and the support and most of all for giving me the chance to rest and perform my duties efficiently. They see and appreciate the great effort I put into caring for my patients and this is something I truly needed.


Amazing news for our young Natali! She entered the Veterinary School of Sofia in Bulgaria and already runs her first year of studies!

Natali set a goal and she succeeded! We will very soon have her with us, as a young Veterinary surgeon!

Natali belongs to our permanent staff and she didn't come alone! She brought her two pets and "veterinary assistants" with her! (Rokos and Prokopis).

Her presence in our clinic though, is not new. I met Natali long before she became an employee, when she visited my clinic as a client with her little puppy Rokos, for his first vaccinations. Her love for animals and animal care was obvious from the very first minute.

Her wish was initially to get involved in the care and welfare of stray animals as well as the dog training ........and as they say............


Natali proved her love for animals by helping countless strays to find homes and by offering her help to us as a volunteer for a very long time before becoming our employee.

She was rewarded for being patient and consistent with her wish to work with us, for showing me respect and appreciation and I am happy and proud I encouraged her to set the "highest" goal!

George, Nikoleta and Natali ( on her University holidays) will be the smiling faces to welcome you in our practice. I thank them all for the respect, appreciation and support and I am very happy they are all with me!


Makis and Nikoleta from Best Cybernetics, are my two website "GURUS".

They became friends and supporters since the very start of my career in Greece. They believed in me and my "mission" and they worked with so much passion, enthusiam and dedication in order to present my work on this website.

They both helped me to give image, color and voice to my work. They are my two magicians who transformed the craziness and passion I have for Veterinary science into images.

I thank them for their patience , belief, strong will and amazing talent. I am grateful to them for helping me promote my work by teaching me the "electronic" way of expressing my love for Veterinary science and making the "impossible" happen! (that was ...ME........administrating a website!!!!)

I thank them for the endless patience in reading the very long articles I write and for helping me add image and color!

Most of all though, I thank them for being there as friends and for having been there when I needed them!

Well done guys, I hope you have some patience left because.........there is a lot more coming from now on!


Vicky is the clinic's accountant and my Guardian Angel when it comes to dealing with bills and taxes! She has the difficult and cheerless role of carrying the tax bills into the clinic and informing us of all the new taxes the government announces!

Vicky has been a great support to me and she is a priceless companion and friend to our clinic for all these years. She is an amazing professional in her job and I am relieved she is with us, as she deals with the most difficult part of our job which is completely unattractive and inconceivable to me.

She keeps our clinic's financial records organized and tidy and she makes sure that everything runs smoothly in our clinic.

Her lovely and sweet personality, together with her professional manners, make the whole experience of dealing with the Greek tax system attainable.

We love her and it's always a pleasure to see her in the clinic, despite the large piles of bills, taxes and ....'bad' new government orders she has to bring us every month!

EMMA BENTLEY - Qualified Veterinary Nurse-UK

Emma was born and brought up in Kent in the UK. She studied and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in the UK where she currently lives and works. She is the head nurse in one of the branch clinics of the Goddard Veterinary Group in London.

Apart from her great love for animals and her dedication in Veterinary science, Emma's endless interest for learning and improving in her career, bring her among the most successful and talented Veterinary nurses.

Her everyday duties as a head nurse in the clinic, are not the only ones. Emma is responsible for the trainining and evaluation of young Veterinary nursing students. She attends many CPD courses and she is the assisting nurse in all the surgical procedures in her clinic.

To me, Emma is a priceless friend, supporter, colleague! In all the years we have known each other, she has been a true Guardian Angel to me. She helped and supported me during the planning and preparation of my clinic in Greece. She has always been by my side as a friend and colleague and I consider myself blessed to have met her.

On her frequent visits to Greece, Emma helps and teaches my assistants.

We hope and wish, to see her more often in our Clinic.


SOSONI!!!! ( the word means: little socks!).

SOSONI came determined to stay and get himself a job! The job! As soon as he arrived, he stole our hearts and nearly our jobs too..............He took over the managemet of kennels and calls himself "head nurse", while we are still trying to understand........where he came from!!!!!

PS. Sosoni was a stray dog who got hit by a car and both his front legs were fractured. He did come to us to help him, as we fixed his legs, but he obviously ended up........helping us!

It's an amazing story to tell about sosoni, but he does have this "gift". As soon as he walks into kennels, all the hospitalized animals become quiet and calm and they spend their nights looking at "nurse sosoni" sleeping and snoring infront of their kennels ( while he should be watching this is what he gets paid for!!!!!!!!). Still works! and we love him!

View the embedded image gallery online at:


The two practice cats!!!! Usual suspects!! They contribute to all the mess, damage and create lots and lots of extra work for us, but...........we love them cause they bring joy, laughs and love..................

Both of them, X UN-WANTED strays. Now, just........."WANTED" for causing troubles and damages!

Patripodos is a road traffic accident victim and as a result he stands on .........3 legs, while Kalamaris is a ........."God has a great sense of humor" creation and as a result he stands on 4 legs brains!!! (only joking about poor Kalamari for not being the sharpest knife in the draw...bless him!).

FORREST JUNIOR..............and the legend goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!

.........she had to come back, simply because was impossible to live without her!

She was found in the streets, starved and with heavy disabilities, only a few months after my beloved and unforgettable Forrest ( the original ) had passed away!

Forrest Junior found her way into our arms and hearts straight away! She got herself the "job" and calls herself "General Manager" of the clinic and as they goes on!

She is not here to replace Dr.FORREST, as she was the ONE and ONLY, (big loves and great personalities are irreplaceable) but she filled the gap Forrest's death left in our hearts!

Now, the thing is that she looks like Forrest's twin sister, she has Her ways and cheeky attitude and most of all........her "speech" and way of "expressing" herself are identical to Forrest's. But everyone says it's just a coincidence!!!!!!

Am I wrong to believe in recarniation???????

And anyway......this is us! We all gathered together in this clinic and GOD Clients and our Patients!

Thank you for keep visiting us, now that you have.............."met" us!!!!!!!!!

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