Written by Vasiliki A. Ntavlourou, BVM, GPCert(ExAP), MRCVS.

We offer RADIOGRAPHY and our clinic is equipped with an up to date XRAY machine.

The XRAY machine is positioned in our theatre and all LEAD protecting equipment is available (Lead wall, Lead table mat, Gowns, Gloves, Thyroid Guard). For staff/client protection, we have performed a complete risk assessment which is repeated every 3 years by approved specialists.


The XRAY machine is positioned to allow immediate radiography of anaesthetized patients and follow up examination after orthopaedic procedures.  We make every effort to avoid manual restraint of the patient by the owner or any member of our staff.

All the xray films are kept in specific envelopes in our clinic and are always available to the owner. We also keep electronic records on our computer database which enables us to forward the xray results to the owners via email.

Apart from the radiography performed for diagnostic purposes of pathological conditions, in our clinic we perform examination and radiographic imaging for early detection of hereditary/genetic conditions such as HIP DYSPLASIA, ELBOW DYSPLASIA etc. of large breed dogs.


The option of second opinion referral to the UK or US is available in our clinic as we have a long standing agreement with Radiography and Surgery specialists in both countries, either through personal professional contact or through IDEXX TELEMEDICINE Services.



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