Written by Vasiliki A. Ntavlourou, BVM, GPCert(ExAP), MRCVS.

In our clinic, we can perform various surgical procedures (all routine operations, most soft tissue and basic orthopaedic). Surgical procedures are scheduled between consultation times (early afternoon or evening or Saturdays when the practice remains closed for consultations). This allows focus on all aspects of the procedure (pre anaesthetic checks, high standard of monitoring under sedation/general anaesthetic and safe recovery of the patient.

We emphasize in close monitoring of the anesthetized patient using up to date equipment (inhalational anaesthetic/oxygen machine, pulse oxymeter) but most importantly trained nursing assistants. 

Our protocol for preparing the patient for the surgical procedure is as follows:

1.Thorough clinical examination and pre anesthetic blood tests are performed a few days before the operation for all sugical cases (even for routine stuff), to ensure detecting possible endemic disease ( Ehrlichiosis, Leishmaniosis, Heart Worm Disease etc) .

2.Detailed instructions are given to the owner for the fasting of the patient the day before the operation.

3.On the day of the procedure, the patient is examined again and supported with intravenous fluids, pain relief and antibiotics as needed, before entering theatre.

Owners are asked to sign a consent form prior to the anesthesia and surgical procedure.


Safe recovery from general anaesthesia is our priority and for this reason, our patients are transferred into our recovery room and closely monitored until they are fully awake. Most surgical patients remain in the practice for overnight hospitalization and monitoring and for those patients who return home on the day of the procedure we ensure full recovery before leaving the practice.

We keep records, videos and photos of nearly all our surgical cases. All this material is available to owners at any time.

At least two follow up appointments for check ups are scheduled at the time of the operation and detailed written advice for the post surgical care of the patients are given to the onwers.

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